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What is UV embossing?

UV Embossing is using a clear resin on top of print to give a physical texture. Our Versa UV machine allows us to produce fantastic textures at an extremely fine quality finish.​

The Process

First the artwork is set with an emboss layer which is then read by the printer to include a UV coating. The coating can be set to a number of different effects including Smooth, Textured, Low lift and High lift.

Once the standard print is completed then the resin print begins. With the use of a UV light the resin can be quick set or slow set giving you the smooth or textured finishes. Multiple layers of resin can be printed on top of one another raising the emboss on the print.

Embossing can have up to 10 layers printed on top of one another. Our Roland Versa UV also allows us to print onto each layer of resin to produce a rainbow or marble finish to the embossing.

Take a look at what we have already produced...

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